“We are always participating in something larger than ourselves, and if we want to understand social life and what happens to people in it, we have to understand what it is we’re participating in and how we participate in it.”
Allan Johnson (1997) from The Forest and the Trees


Teaching Philosophy (pdf)

Teaching Interests:

  • Social Inequality
  • Critical Food Studies
  • Community Food Security
  • Sociology of Food
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Gender & Sexuality
  • Research Methods and Design
  • Qualitative Methodologies
  • Institutional Ethnography
  • Urban Sociology

Teaching Experience at the College of the Holy Cross,
Kentucky State University, and Syracuse University:

  • Intro to Sociology (CHC, KYSU, SU)
  • LGBTQ Studies (CHC)
  • Food, Poverty, and Justice (CHC)
  • Intro to Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies (CHC)
  • Sociology of Food (CHC)
  • Gender and the Politics of Food (CHC)
  • Contemporary Social Problems (KYSU)
  • Juvenile Delinquency (KYSU)
  • Urban Sociology (KYSU)
  • Research Methods (KYSU)
  • Sociology of Poverty (KYSU)
  • Sociology of Sex and Gender (SU)
  • Sociology of Families (SU)

Additionally, I was a teaching assistant for the following courses at SU:

  • Ethnic Inequality and Intergroup Relations
  • Quantitative Methods (Graduate-level)
  • Quantitative Methods for the Social Sciences
    (Interdisciplinary, Undergraduate-level)